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Conference topics

  • Microplastic pollutions in different environments: Freshwater, Marine, Air and Soil
  • Microplastics in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Sources, fate and effects of microplastics
  • Detection systems for microplastic pollution monitoring
  • Green synthetic approaches for the preparation of environmentally friendly polymers
  • Recovery and recycling of marine plastics
  • Wastewater treatment plants as microplastic entrance route
  • Nanoplastics as emerging pollutants
  • Degradation of plastics in marine environment
  • Impact of microplastics on marine life
  • Microplastics: from marine pollution to human food chain
  • Mitigation of microplastic impact and innovative solutions
  • Socio-economic, environmental impacts assessment and risk analysis
  • Sampling, extraction, purification and identification approaches for microplastics
  • Adsorption and transport of pollutants on microplastics
credits: BVERSE Srls