Both oral and poster presenters are invited to submit an abstract of maximum 300 words before 1st June 2022 on one of the following topics:

1. Microplastic and nanoplastic pollution in different environments: Freshwater, Marine, Air and Soil

2. Sources, fate and effects of micro and nanoplastics

3. Monitoring and detection of micro and nanoplastic pollutants

4. Innovative solutions to mitigate microplastic pollution

5. Recovery and recycling of marine plastics

6. Valorisation of plastics wastes into chemicals and/or fuels

7. Green synthetic approaches for the preparation of environmentally friendly polymers

8. Degradation of plastics in marine environment

9. Technologies to improve degradation of micro and nano-plastics

10. Impact of microplastics on biota

11. Biodiversity & Plastic

12. Microplastics: from marine pollution to human food chain

13. Effect of micro and nanoplastics on human health

14. Micro and nanoparticles interaction with biomolecules, cellular uptake and biodisposition

15. Socio-economic and environmental impact assessment and risk analysis

16. Sampling, extraction, purification and identification approaches for micro and nanoplastics

17. Adsorption and transport of pollutants by micro and nanoplastics

photo by Cesare Abate


Abstract submission process has been closed. For late submission, please contact

Extended Abstract submission process is now open, submit it by 31th July 2022. The Extended Abstract will be included in the Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea (Springer Water).

Please submit the abstract using the on-line submission form and name the contribution as: SURNAME_NAME_ ExtAbstract

Furthermore, at the end of the Conference, selected contributions will be invited to prepare full papers that will be submitted for review in special issues of selected journals. Agreements are under consideration to define the selected journals special issues. Final information will be made available soon.

The template of the Extended Abstract can be downloaded here


Selected young researchers (Master degree students, PhD students, Fellowships, Post-doc) who will participate to the conference will have the chance to be awarded a prize for their presentation through an open competition. The winners will be announced during the last day of the Conference.

Young people are kindly asked to express their candidacy for this competition by adding COMPETITION in the field “Comments” of the abstract template, indicating their position (Master degree students, PhD students, Fellowships, Post-doc, other – please specify).

Eligible candidates must meet the following criteria:

1. Participate to the conference with oral or poster presentation

2. Have expressed their candidacy during abstract submission

3. Clearly demonstrate in the paper the innovation of the research and its scientific contribution

Winners will be selected by the Members of the International Advisory Board and the Local Scientific Committee.


In case you need an invitation letter, please contact